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idempiere consulting s.r.l.

we are an INNOVATIVE STARTUP born in 2017

from the work and the tenacity of its owner was born in March 2017 iDempiere Consulting s.r.l. . After having followed as project leader implementation of the most successful international ERPs, in 2012 he undertook a long and demanding process. The work team first made use of custom collaborations and then became a solid and professional relationship. The in-depth knowledge that the various consultants make available to customers is the result of a continuous analysis and verification work.


The choice to use opensource technologies still when they were niche choices and not known. Continuous updating through the use of the latest technologies. We realize that leadership in today’s global market requires the creation of a corporate culture and an inclusive business environment in which the best and brightest different minds employees with different perspectives, skills and experiences – work together to meet the needs of the most demanding customer. The collaboration of different cultures, ideas and perspectives is an organizational asset and produces greater creativity and innovation.


Why work with us

We are a dynamic company oriented towards future technologies, innovation is at the base of all software developments, we are open to new proposals.

A dynamic and cohesive group able to better support the needs of our customers.

The Team

The heart of the study


Marco Longo

CEO and Senior Consultant

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Andrea Bellotto

Senior Consultant

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Andrea Checchia

Senior Developer

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Lucia Zanchetta

Finance & Help Desk


Demis Lodi

Reporting Specialist

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Marco Z.

Sales Manager


Gianni Sonego

Accounting Specialist

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Diego A.

Junior Consultant

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