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iDempiere ERP Open Source

The open source technologically advanced management, powerful and flexible to be suitable for companies and business realities. Create your verticalization in a short time, parameterizable in every part you can extend it by installing plugins for every need.

iDempiere, the ideal solution to improve

your business


Simple, intuitive, it adapts quickly to your needs

The technological structure allows the extension and addition of fields, masks tables and display and management logics in a short time. Where the writing of language procedures is needed, the plugin structure allows development without affecting the core code.

Open Source

We believe in the open source as the right frontier for international software development, maintenance and testing. iDefault ERP is continually “updated” by several countries around the world.


There is no open source software without a community that keeps the project alive. Sharing experiences and customizations with other users is the success of iDempiere ERP


Our community is born with the intent to make known to our compatriots the great potentialities of ERP iDempiere: very high flexibility and very high functional coverage. All this makes it strategic for a completely Italian type of market.

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